Simplify your fishing business
No. We do not hold possession of any of your business assets like your website domain address, your financial records, your customer records, your social media channels or business listings, your photos or website content, or anything else that has value to your business.
You are not locked in to any contract. You can take your data, and all the associated assets, and move to another booking solution at any time.
GoFish integrates with Authorize.net, Square, Stripe, and additional processors will be added soon. If you contact us and request integration with your processor, we will build that integration just for you.
GoFish is very easy to use. We designed it based on feedback and requests from boat captains and landing managers. To make it easy to get started, we handle the entire setup, including setting up all your boats, all your trips, and giving you as many user accounts as you need for your team to manage everything. We provide detailed documentation that you can reference. We also provide phone support, email support, technical support, website and design support, video support on zoom, and we provide you with a single representative who manages your account and ensures you’re running smoothly at all times. We can also help with data migration. We ensure that you’re supported, taken care of at all times, and are running smoothly and getting bookings with ease.
Yes! There is no minimum account size. Even if you only sell a few seats per month you can use our system and all its benefits. If you run a charter boat or fishing tour of any kind, we want you to use GoFish to let your guests book online!
All you need is a boat 🙂 Contact us and we will handle everything to get you up and running.
Yes. Our system and interface is totally mobile responsive. If you’re someone who likes to run your entire business from your phone, GoFish allows you to do that.